Tuesday, May 5, 2020


Good morning everyone and happy Tuesday.  One of the women I most admire is my mother who grew up in a time when there were limited and few opportunities.  If a woman dared to work outside of the home leaving her husband to fend for himself, she was limited to teaching, nursing or joining the secretarial pool.

My mother was a rarity.  She graduated from an out of town college and created her own business.  Most men wouldn't even let their wives work let alone create a business of their own.  These days two incomes is not considered a luxury but a necessity.  While we all have to eat, pay a mortgage and fulfill obligations we are lucky and blessed that we were born when we were, for the choices we have are endless!

Today's quote is, "Exercise your right to explore possibilities and create your reality and your world."  That's correct ladies and gentlemen.  It is your right!  We have a right to live out our dreams.  You can manifest anything.  You really can.  Why do you think I keep reiterating the fact that what you want, what you truly desire can happen?  I say this because I believe in my heart that we all have a right to be happy in our lives.

Do we make mistakes and foolish choices?  Do we screw up every now and again, sometimes more than we'd like to admit?  Oh boy!  Of course we do.  Does screwing up set us back?  Indeed it does but eventually our mistakes flash at us like a neon sign bright enough to see so we can duck out of the way!

We're not being punished either.  You don't punish a student for a misspelled word.  The Universe doesn't punish its students either and that's what we all are.  We are students in this life who are here to learn and grow, to flourish and bloom, to succeed in creating the very best life we possibly can!

Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone! ~Love, Amy

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