Thursday, May 7, 2020


Good morning everyone and happy Thursday.  I am going to share with you two words that have very different meanings.  The word chase and the word pursue.  What comes to mind when you hear them?  When I hear the word chase my mind conjures up images of my kids running after various types of balls.  The word chase leaves me out of breath as I recall running after Mia, trying my best to get the stick from her during her favorite game.

When I hear the word pursue I envision someone scholarly as in someone pursuing a doctorate.  I recall the inevitable question when my kids all started college, "what major will they pursue?"  When you chase something you are left breathless.  When you pursue something you are left with an accomplishment.  That is the key difference.  Do you want to be out of breath or do you want to reach new heights?

Today's quote is, "Chasing dreams only makes you tired - pursuing them makes them happen."  This life of ours is here to make us happy and in order to find out what makes us happy we need to pursue avenues that resonate with us.  Chasing is reckless and impulsive.  Pursuing is thoughtful and methodical.  Chasing is exhausting.  Picture Mia and me.  It's fun until I start clutching my chest.  No matter how fast I run I will never catch her.

Same for dreams.  You can chase them but you may never reach them.  Pursue your dreams with precision, calculation, intent and the hunger within your soul~in this way your dreams will come true.

Have a wonderful Thursday everyone! ~Love, Amy

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