Thursday, June 18, 2020


Good morning everyone!  Happy Thursday.  Today is actually a very special day.  My dad whom I love so very much is celebrating his 98th trip around the sun.  How incredibly lucky am I to have him in my life in sound body and mind.  He is amazing if I do say so myself!  His pace may have slowed but at they say, he is sharp as a tack!

What has kept him going all these years is his attitude towards life and his appreciation for everything life has given him.  His pleasures are simple.  Good food, a good joke, the people he loves and Mia, all of which bring joy to his soul.  He has always had the ability to slow down when necessary and observe rather than react. He understands the benefits of a deep breath into the lungs followed by a smooth exhale.

Today's quote is, "Each and every inhalation is a gift - appreciate it and use it well."  Without breath we cease to exist.  We are but a small number of  God's creatures who use this powerful life force energy.  Life begins when we leave our mother's wombs crying, signifying that we have taken our first sip of breath.

We sigh when we are upset and frustrated but how lucky are we to have air in our lungs allowing for that deep relief!  And yes!  What a relief is it.  Think how good you feel after you let out that long ahhhhhh!

Watching my dad has taught me to take nothing for granted and to appreciate everything, even a sigh born of frustration.  Breath is life.  Appreciate it and use it well!

Have a wonderful Thursday everyone and YES!  I will pass along your birthday wishes!  ~Love, Amy

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