Thursday, July 9, 2020


Good morning everyone and happy Thursday.  How do you begin your day?  Are you a fan of routine or is every day different?  During the school year when I am at my day job my mornings are predictable.  I like predictability especially at 4:30 a.m.  The afternoons are different depending upon what I have after work.  Sometimes clients, sometimes errands sometimes nothing.  I am more apt to better handle a surprise in the afternoon rather than in the morning when I'm rubbing the sleep out of my eyes.

There is one thing that I do every single day whether I am preparing for my day job or my summer meditation class and that is, I pray.  I give gratitude for my blessings and the abundance I receive daily.  And by the way abundance comes in many forms.  For me it is not just more clients and filled classes but abundance is also a sunny day, the cacophony of sounds at daybreak, the cool shade from a tree, a text from a friend.  I could keep going.

I bet these things would bring a smile to your face as well.  Today's quote is, "In prayer we unite with the divine creating unity with our ego and soul."  This is exactly what prayer does.  It takes our soul, it takes our ego and melds them together as one.  This doesn't happen just for me but for all of us.  Praying and giving gratitude are synonymous with each other for they are both ways in which we thank God, the Universe, Jesus, The Creator, whoever you choose to pray to.  It doesn't matter because the message is the same: giving thanks.

This is the time to reel in your ego and let it connect with your soul and feel the energy of the divine within you.  Is that a perfect way to start your day or what!

Have a wonderful Thursday everyone! ~Love, Amy

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