Friday, March 8, 2019


Good morning everyone.  A Friday in March.  Hope all is well.  When someone asks how you are do you give an honest answer or do you say everything is fine.  Most of us are not honest with our responses unless we are super close with the person on the receiving end.  Anything from a major catastrophe to a minor disruption could ruin someone's day but in the end it is all about our perception.

The way we see anything and everything is also in our perception.  A few weeks ago it snowed then rained and became very icy.  While it was difficult walking up the driveway but kind of funny watching Mia slide all over the place, the sun was out making it a beautiful day.  That's the way I saw it anyway.  Someone else may have thought what a disaster.  There is ice all over the driveway, Mia can't get her footing and the sun was too bright.  

There are always at least two ways to look at something.  It is the same when we decide to go after what we want  and are truly ready for that change.  Obstacles?  Not in our world.  Today's quote is, "The only thing blocking you is the illusion that something is in your way."  Think about what you want and/or what you wish to create or change and then think about why it isn't working.  Is there a real reason or are you creating an excuse. 

Decide if you are willing to work for what you want because it does take not just desire but work and persistence.  I could easily have said there is no way I could write a book.  I use that as an example because that was something I wanted to do for a long time but used the excuse of not understanding technology as a deterrent.  I created my own illusion for the inability to create SEASONS OF THE SOUL because of a machine.  

We all know I found a way around it. I just ordered my third set of books!  There may be roadblocks but find the detours.  They will get you there too. 

Have a wonderful Friday everyone and a great weekend! ~Love, Amy

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