Friday, March 1, 2019


Good morning everyone!  Happy Friday and welcome to March!  Wow!  Let's hope it comes in like a lamb and leaves the same way.  I know that's not the saying but that's my preference.  When the weather is nice it really does bring the best out of me.  I feel like I thrive in the warmth of the sun.  It makes me come alive and what a great feeling that is.

It is incredible how the weather affects me.  Not just me but everyone.  When it is cold we want to hibernate, when it is too hot we limp along, melting like an ice cream cone in the sun but when the temperature is just right we are unstoppable, able to do anything. 

Those are the days that make us feel great about everything including ourselves but no matter what the temperature outside is we need to know we can still be amazing and unstoppable and to believe in today's quote which is,  "Yes, I'm awesome - what you think matters to you not me."   I love today's quote but its hard to say. 

How often do we blurt out how great we are versus what we do wrong, what we can't do and how we don't measure up?  Without knowing you, I will tell you that you do that way more than you should.  Why is is so hard to acknowledge good things about ourselves?  Maybe as children we were never complimented and told we were great.  Maybe we heard one negative comment and are still holding onto it and because of that we just never believed anything good about ourselves.  

Believe it now.  Believe that you are awesome and unstoppable.  Will everyone be your friend?  Will everyone be supportive?  Will everyone care?  The answer is no and this is why, who cares what anyone thinks.  Care what you think, so think and know, you rock!

Have a wonderful Friday everyone! ~Love, Amy

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