Wednesday, September 12, 2018


Good morning everyone.  Just as close to the weekend before as it is to the one coming up.  As always I look forward to them.  I love my Saturdays because of the new boutique I get to go to for Reiki sessions.  My day job is five days a week and even though I am going to work on a Saturday, Reiki is never work.  We all know that when you do something you love, it is not work at all.

Speaking of work, what is your work environment like?  Do you work in a large office with many people or a small place with just a few office mates.  What are the people like at your place of business?  Are they warm and friendly or cold and expressionless.  Don't you hate when you greet someone with a smile and they either just stare at you or look at their feet?  I know I do.

Today's quote is, "Are you confident enough to be kind."  I find it so ironic that I work in a large place with lots of grown ups who constantly preach the importance of kindness and compassion yet some of these grown ups walk right past you as if you are a pane of glass.  I never understood that until I was older and realized there was nothing wrong with me.

The problem is with the person who is dismissive and not just the dismissive person but their confidence level.  Clearly they have none.  When one lacks confidence and desperately wants to appear strong and in charge, the easiest way for them to do that is to come across as cold and emotionless as if showing emotions is showing weakness.

Whether you have more education than someone or less gives no one the right to act superior.  If you are in the same work environment then obviously you are all there for the same reason and share more in common than not.  More college degrees do not make you smarter.  More college degrees give you more paper to put in a frame.  Be kind to your fellow co-workers and the people you pass on the street.   

Walk your halls with confidence and pride but what will be most remembered is the kindness you showed.

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Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone! ~Love, Amy

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