Thursday, September 6, 2018


Good morning and a very happy Thursday to you.  I recently met with a friend and together we spoke about how important it is to be where you are when you are there.  Does that make sense?  Here is an example.  If you are on the beach, be on the beach and not in your head.  

If you are constantly in your thoughts how can you enjoy the very place where you are at the moment.  Most of us are filled with thoughts all the time.  We are incessantly talking to ourselves about our day, our future, questioning decisions made, etc.  Today's quote is, "Give yourself time - time to be alone with your thoughts - it is in that silence your questions may be answered."  

Now does what I said make sense?  I can be on a plane with my family on the way to a vacation, turn to my husband and ask him where should we go next.  Clearly I'm not even enjoying the plane ride.  According to my mind I've already been on vacation and am already onto the next.  Not a way to be or to live.  

I often stress how important it is to be in nature and I am always describing my walks with Mia but the truth is, very rarely have I been there.  I may be outdoors but I am only in my head.  When that was pointed out to me I realized how true it was and I began to make a huge effort to quiet that chatter in my mind.  

There are many things I question and many things I have questions about but instead of talking to myself during my walks, I have made a huge effort to be quiet and silent.  Not surprisingly, clarity took over and my questions were able to be answered without me having to furrow my brow!  

Wherever it is you are, be in that place!

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Have a wonderful Thursday everyone! ~Love, Amy

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