Monday, September 10, 2018


Good morning everyone.  Are you one of those people who start thinking even before you open your eyes?  If you are, do you think wonderful thoughts or anything but.  Before getting out of bed I take a deep breath and just lay still for a moment.  Our days are filled with thoughts and that moment of quiet is very important to me.

What do you do if you find those negative thoughts creeping in?  It's hard to shut the door.  Today's quote is, "When negative thoughts enter your mind - visualize them on a raft floating out to sea."  While that might seem ridiculously simplistic, I am not joking.  It is like choosing a mind set.  Are you going to be positive or negative?

Is that situation you are dreading going to be awful or maybe not so bad?  Meditation has helped me so much in my ability to control anxiety.  Yes, friends.  I get anxious too but my practice has helped me put things into perspective.  As you all know, my meditations are guided but before beginning a journey, I have everyone place their negative thoughts in a giant white box.  

Imagining anger, fear, worry, (to name a few) placed inside a box, gets them out of your head.  I love water!  Any water!  Could be the ocean or a lake.  Water calms me.  I grew up in a beach town and my back yard looks out to a reservoir.  I find it very easy to visualize negativity floating out to sea.  Do you like to ski?  Visualize those negative thoughts racing down the mountain on their own skis. 

Negative thoughts weigh us down and life is just too busy to carry around that extra weight!  Besides, how would we ever fit into our skinny jeans!

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Have a wonderful Monday everyone! ~Love, Amy

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