Monday, September 17, 2018


Good morning everyone!  It's Monday.  Don't say ugg.  Just be there.  Today's quote is, "Wherever you are be in that place - not in your head."  Your head does all kinds of things.  It tells you equally what's great and what sucks but if you are just THERE it may be neither one of those.  

There is a possibility that it could be better than you think or worse than you can imagine.  I know you don't want to go to the worse place but don't anticipate that that's what it will be.  Anticipation plays such a large part in our lives.  We imagine all sorts of scenarios good and bad, mostly bad and then wait for them to happen or to manifest.  

Why do we do that?  We do that because we can't imagine the best things happening in our lives.  Change that and be in the best place.  The place where everything works out.  Isn't that the better place to be?  I know I would rather be there.  

Right at this moment as I am writing this, I am eating the best chocolate chip cookie I have eaten in a really long time.  That's because I don't normally eat chocolate chip cookies for fear that I might blow up to gargantuan proportions.  OK, how stupid is that.  Do I do this everyday?  No.  Will my body change overnight?  No.  

Should I just eat my cookie with gusto and enjoy it?  Absolutely.  I am in the moment.  I finished my chocolate chip cookie and I feel great!  Satisfied and just fine.  You will never be in the same moment ever in your life so be there, stay there and leave your head out of it!  

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Have a wonderful Monday everyone! ~Love, Amy

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