Thursday, September 20, 2018


Good morning everyone.  Are you ever bored by the clothing that you wear, the set up of the furniture in your house?  Has your workout routine become stale?  Dinner yet another chore when trying to come up with something interesting to prepare?  Keep reading.  I promise this is not a commercial.

I make chicken all the time and I mean ALL THE TIME!  Even though there are a gazillion ways to make chicken in the end it's still chicken BUT I have found that by using this incredible rub, my grilled chicken breasts have become a huge hit!  It is still chicken but with an amazing new and different flavor.

All I did was add different spices yet that one small change made a huge difference.  I had my house feng shuied years ago.  The purpose was to place furniture and objects in a way that is not only pleasing to the eye but to give a feeling of comfort and security when you enter a room.

Objects were moved, thrown out and added.  Not every change was significant yet what was discarded, moved or added made a huge difference.  Today's quote is, "Significant changes need not be brash but sometimes incredibly subtle."  

I used my dinner recipe and my feng shui story as an example of how a small change can have a big impact.  Just think about how you feel after receiving a compliment.  It could change not just your mood but your entire day and that compliment could be something as small as, "nice shirt."

We all walk away beaming when someone says something nice to us because it feels good.  If you are not happy with an aspect of your life then change it but know that it doesn't have to be grand.  Start small, for sometimes those small changes are the ones that truly make the most difference in our lives!

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Have a wonderful Thursday everyone!~Love, Amy

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