Tuesday, September 18, 2018


Good morning all.  Hope you had a nice start to the week.  It's always that first day that's hard and hopefully the rest of it goes as smooth as a well oiled machine.  You know what else is nice when it goes smoothly?  Relationships and not just with a spouse or significant other but with your friends.

Today's quote is, "Love and support should be the only profit from friendship."  Many of us rely on friends in a way that is completely different from the way we rely on a spouse.  There are times when we feel the need to confide in someone of the same gender. The understanding is there and we can relate better to one another because we have been through a similar or perhaps identical situation.

Friends should be there for mutual support and love but there are those who seek friends for the sole purpose of benefiting themselves.  That is not friendship.  Can friends help you?  Of course they can but that is very different than befriending someone for what they can do for you.

Many years ago, I befriended a woman who described me to others as "her new best friend."  That right there should have been my hint.  It was a whirlwind friendship.  We spent a lot of time together and were the best of friends in a rather short period of times then all of a sudden she was too busy to see me.

I couldn't figure out what I did wrong.  Why weren't my phone calls being returned?  (pre-texting!)  When she did return my phone calls, why was she always busy?  Honestly I had no idea what happened.  We were the best of friends and then I didn't exist.  I found out that I wasn't the first.  This was a pattern for this person.

Befriend someone, have fun, get what you need and then be on  your way.  It turned out that all this person was interested in was the school I worked in at the time and the right introductions.  Once she achieved what she wanted she had no use for me.

I was hurt because I couldn't believe that someone could be so cold.  I was hurt because I couldn't fathom doing that to someone.  I realized not everyone has pure intentions.  Do you know anyone like that?  If you don't, fantastic!  If you do, be careful.  Profit is not what you receive from your friends.  Mutual support and mutual care is what friendship is all about!

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Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone! ~Love, Amy

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