Wednesday, September 19, 2018


Good morning all.  Do you ever find yourself in situations that are unpleasant and go with that unpleasant feeling all day or at least while you are there.  What can you do about that?  More than your think.

Today's quote is, "If a situation can't be changed change the situation."  Not every situation can be changed.  Sometimes you have to be where you don't want to but you can change your viewpoint and your perspective.  Did you ever have that obligatory dinner you had to go to with little or no interest in anyone who might be there?

We have all been there but instead of looking forward to it as if you are getting a tooth pulled, find something positive about where you are or simply look at it in a different way.  Maybe that person you didn't want to speak to is not as bad as you think and just needs a second chance.

I'm all about second chances.  First impressions are lasting but what you see could have been impacted by something else.  Be open minded.  Look at that situation in a new way and leave behind that first impression.  We all have bad days.  Who wants to be judged by a bad day.  I don't!  That's for sure.  

My quote is really not about changing a situation as much as it is about changing your view point on it.  Remember, everything looks better in the sunlight!

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Have a great Wednesday everyone! ~Love, Amy

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