Thursday, September 13, 2018


Good morning all.  Another day and another Thursday.  When you open the front door today what will you see or will you be able to see at all?  Will you be so consumed by what is coming next that you don't even notice the beauty in front of you?  There is always something interesting to focus on.

It is like that with people as well.  Today's quote is, "Beauty may open doors but what lies behind that beauty is what keeps them open."  Who doesn't react positively to something beautiful and attractive?  The first thing that attracts us to someone, if of course we don't know them is their appearance.

It is the physical beauty and presentation of someone that draws us in but what happens when we find out that the inside make up does not quite match up to what we see?  It leaves us wondering how such a beautiful package could be shielding such ugliness.  

I remember a woman who I thought was absolutely gorgeous but the more I got to know her she seemed like two different people.  Simply stated, she was not nice, friendly, warm or caring.  What did her outer beauty matter.  The more I got to know this person the less attractive she became over time.  Her true self seeped through her skin.

Physical beauty is a wonderful attribute to have but what is underneath that façade is the actual true beauty indeed!

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Have a wonderful Thursday everyone! ~Love, Amy

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