Friday, September 14, 2018


"Wide is the mind of those who have been enlightened" - next next Friday

Good morning everyone!  We made it to the end of the week.  I hope it all went well for you.  I have what I think is an interesting quote for today.  "Wide is the mind of those who have been enlightened."  So what does it mean to be enlightened?  If you look at the dictionary meaning it says to be open-minded, broad-minded, knowledgeable and wise.  

What rings true to me is being broad-minded.  Just last week I posted that I had recently become obsessed with Nicki Minaj.  Not sure if you know who she is but she is a widely outrageous performer not only in the way she presents herself but in the lyrics and music of her songs.

My Facebook post received several likes but also a, "you've got to be joking."  When I first heard some of the songs my new friend Niki, my skin was crawling.  I couldn't believe how uncomfortable her lyrics made me feel.  I couldn't believe the outfits she slid into, yet I couldn't stop listening or watching.

Obviously she did her job.  She created a persona so outrageous you simply couldn't take your eyes from her or lower the volume.  Not what you would think I was referring to when I said enlightened right?  No I wasn't talking about Buddha sitting under a tree which is what you all thought I meant right?!  

You see there are so many ways to find enlightenment and to be enlightened.  Niki Minaj opened my eyes and challenged me to see something I never saw before.  Open your eyes everyone.  Enlightenment doesn't mean you have to sit under a tree for days on end, it means to look at something in a new way.  Enlightenment means to be open minded and to broaden your view. 

It means to look at something you've seen so many times before, notice it and say WOW!!!

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Have a wonderful Friday everyone and a wonderful weekend! ~Love, Amy

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