Wednesday, September 5, 2018


Good morning everyone!  It's hump day.  Middle of the week although due to the Monday holiday, the week makes us feel a bit off.  The good thing is that we are all closer to yet another weekend.  I just realized how interesting it is that I always speak of the weekends as though I sit around and do nothing.  Weekends are just as packed as the week but I have more freedom of choice.

It is this way with most of us.  We go where and when we need to during the week but the weekend, as busy as it may be has more flexibility.  In that flexibility are you able to take some time for yourself?  Are you able to nourish your soul via a walk, meditation or a nice hot soak?  Are you able to get in touch with your emotions while you are busy doing your errands?

Some of us walk around hurting from things in our past but we often find it easier to bury them rather than confronting them.  Today's quote is, "Give shelter to your inner child who may have been wounded in the past and surround him or her with love."   The deeper you bury your feelings the stronger the eruption will be.  The love needed for that inner child will need uninterrupted time to begin the healing process. 

There are so many ways we can occupy ourselves but sometimes what we are doing is simply distracting ourselves from facing past hurts.  Issues we have in adulthood most likely stemmed from our childhood.  Love that child within you and acknowledge the hurt that may have taken place.  Nourish your soul not only with the suggestions above but begin with the being you started out as.  That little girl or little boy who never left you.  

Do not dwell on what you didn't receive as a child.  Give it to yourself now.  

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Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone! ~Love, Amy

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