Monday, September 3, 2018


Good morning everyone.  Today is it.  The very last official day of summer.  The blessing is that we have so many more summers ahead of us but the reality is that this one is over.  I hope it was wonderful for all of you.  I can't lie.  Even with all the rain storms, humidity and heat, I will miss it dearly.  

Fall is not officially here until mid September but it is a good time to start thinking ahead to any changes you want to make.  Leave the past in the past.  Don't perseverate on what was but focus on what will be.  Fall is a wonderful time to make that fresh start as the air begins to clear and the scent around you has even changed.  Don't you just love a crisp autumn morning?

Today's quote is, "Vow to be true to yourself and persevere through any storm - it will eventually clear."  When you are in the midst of a crisis and things don't seem to be going your way or any way for that matter that is the exact moment when you shouldn't give up.  When you need to find your inner strength to keep going.  

I know it is hard.  Of course I know.  I'm human, I get it.  We all have gone through hell at some point in our lives and some of us may be right in the very center of an awful hell at this moment.  That storm could involve friendships, career decisions, romantic partners and bad situations where  we see no way out.

Is it easier to remain friends with that person who only pretends to care about you?  Sometimes it is but then where does that leave you?  Have you chosen a career because you were pushed into it?  If you are unhappy there why would you stay?  Being true to yourself doesn't mean you tell the world to go to hell.

Being true to yourself means that you value yourself more and if fighting your way through those winds of change is what you need to do, you do it
.  Storms subside and time heals.  When that storm is over the wind is gone and the sun is stronger than ever!

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Have a wonderful Monday everyone! ~Love, Amy

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